January Reflection


Tradition in my family calls for day after Christmas shopping. So in the spirit, I hopped into my car on December 26th and headed to Target to see what fabulous deals I could find. At 50% off, an amaryllis kit made its way into my cart.

Now, on the last day of January of the new year, the unpromising bulb has transformed into three beautiful flowers bursting with new life. As I observe their delicate, vibrant, red petals, I’m reminded of our need to rest in the new mercies of each day (Lamentations 3:23).

Too often, we get caught up in wanting what’s new, when what we need is to be renewed.

A new year. A new routine. A new car. A new apartment.  The list goes on.

Our wanting for the things of this world wears us down. I feel it in the tension in my neck I have worked out with a massage each month. This month as I turned to leave my appointment, I noticed three little words printed on a little glass jar essential oils, “let it go.”

I let it go as I sing.

“I will rest in your promises. My confidence is your faithfulness…All your promises are yes and amen.”

There we find renewal. He takes the dry, brown bulb and makes it beautiful. He takes our burdens upon himself and gifts us with grace.

“Behold, I am making all things new, ” he speaks (Rev 21:5). In our futile efforts to possess all that is new and better, let us not forget to dwell in the presence of the One who renews our souls, whose promises bring life.