An End and a Beginning Part 3/3


Time is a funny thing, full of ends and beginnings. Somehow 2015 is over and 2016 is in full swing.

To ring in 2016, I stood barefoot on a sidewalk watching fireworks in every direction and marveling at how when I rang in 2015 I could have never imagined the place or people I was standing with in that moment.

2015 was quite the year.

I said goodbyes. To college life as I boxed up dorm room dishes amidst stacks of books (some read and some skimmed) and watched friends walk across the stage receiving well-earned diplomas. At the security gate of Lambert International Airport trying not to completely loose before hopping on a plane to cross the ocean. Over the phone singing “Amazing Grace”.

I’ve adapted (and am still adapting). To street names and towns with more vowels and combinations of h’s and w’s than I new possible. To calculating time zones when making phone calls and adjusting travel time to the ever finicky Honolulu traffic. To calling flip-flops slippers and snow cones shave ice. To life and ministry on this beautiful island tourists call paradise, but where we do life with all its ups and downs.

I wonder what I’ll say about 2016. I’ve already been on some amazing hikes. A trip home is approaching. God willing, graduation comes in May (finally). The call process is looming (prayers please). There’ll be more adapting and more changes. There’ll be joys and sorrows. There’ll be adventure. It may be unknown now, but that’s what I love about the journey, because it’s taking me to glory I can’t even imagine.