Last Things


One week of lasts has ended and another week of last things has begun. Last piano lesson, last conversations, last undergraduate classes, last meetings, last moments at fieldwork, and the list goes on.

I’m asked how I feel, and I don’t quite even know. I use the word weird a lot. I say that it’s surreal. The feeling is hard to pinpoint. Should I jump up and down or cry? It’s probably somewhere in between. Conversations of this theme seem to play on repeat. Everyday moments have a tinge of bittersweet as we realize the time we have together is coming to an end but that adventures await.

Last night, a group of us went down to Navy Pier. We spun around on the Ferris Wheel watching the sun set and admiring the city at dusk. As we left, we happened upon a beach. My toes sunk into the cold sand, reminding me that soon with the last things will come the new beginnings.  I remain on my journey, and the next destination is the warm sands of Hawaii.